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Industrial Inspections

We provide expert services in the execution of Industrial Inspections with the aid of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Our expertise in the conduct of detailed site and factory/premises/pipeline inspections makes us the preferred partners for varied industrial needs.



Industrial Asset Inspections and data acquisition with our certified pilots.



Use of advanced survey tools and drones can provide detailed reconnaissance reports for prospective project sites.




Data processing to create 2-D and 3-D images.


Using proprietary software, engineers and inspectors can locate, identify and diagnose problems of commercial, industrial and hydrocarbon assets.


Formulation of detailed reports of the industrial or commercial asset condition including annotations, inspector comments, and recommendations.


Rust Identification

AltBird is one of the first commercial inspection companies in India to use industrial drones for aerial building inspections and oil & gas asset aerial inspections.

We offer the following solutions for Industrial inspections

  • Oil & Gas facilities Inspection 

  • Crane Inspection

  • Cellular Site

  • Smoke Stack Inspection

  • Power Line Inspection

  • Pipe Lines

  • Wind Farm Inspection

  • ​​​​Roof top damage Inspection

  • Solar Panel Inspection

  • Refinery Flare Tip Inspection

  • Bridge Inspection

  • Search and rescue

  • Insurance claim inspection

  • Any application requiring aerial video or still photography

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