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Agricultural Intelligence

The agriculture industry was an early adopter of aerial technologies and has for a long time used crop planes to monitor crops and spray them with the chemicals necessary to make them thrive. This was once reserved for large farms with sprawling acreage and the capital necessary to source airplanes and helicopters. Not anymore. Drones can now bring powerful capabilities to your farm or agricultural business, regardless of its size. 


Agricultural drones represent a new and much faster way to collect field data. The most compelling reason for using agriculture drones is that data is on-demand; whenever and wherever needed, agricultural drones can be easily deployed to gather up-to-the-minute information.


AltBird is your first port of call for your Agricultural Intelligence and UAV Delivery needs.

Benefits of using AltBird Agriculture Drones

Increased Yields

Our agriculture drones could be used in finding potentially yield-limiting problems in a timely fashion, thereby increasing crop yields.

Save time

Field missions become more time efficient as our drones are “launch and forget” tools, allowing management to multitask while the drone works on a robotic program.

Increased ROI

In comparison with flight operations, our drones provide highly specialized and detailed data at significant cost savings, allowing operations to expand monitoring and analysis.

Ease of Use

Drone operation has become simple thanks to self-guided flight.

Our agricultural drones permit better-than-satellite information on demand.

Integrated GIS Mapping

Color Contrast Crop Health Imaging

RGB, Red-Edge, Near-infrared and other spectral analysis tools can reveal crop health and maturity, soil moisture and environmental stress.

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